About me



I’m Sal, I am from London but live in Melbourne, I am in my early thirties, I have a thing for cosmetics and I love food! 


In my free time I enjoy baking and call myself greedy occasionally as I love eating good food! I enjoy travelling and have been to several European destinations and cant wait to explore through Eastern Asia. The world is so beautiful.


It is also my new mission to rediscover Melbourne and become a tourist in my new city. There is so much history, culture and nature and I don’t want to be taking everything that is on my door step for granted.


My love for beauty and make up started the summer before I started year 10 at school. I remember I had just bought my first bit of makeup: clear gel mascara, a neutral bronzy eyeshadow from Miss Sporty and my auntie had given me a black kohl eye liner from Avon.

The rest is history.


'Strictly Sal' started in 2015 when I was encouraged by a very good friend of mine -who got bored of listening to me ranting and raving about lipsticks, blushers and eye creams- to start this blog to bring my thoughts and opinions about all the things that I enjoy. 


I have initially started with beauty and make up related products as this is my main love, but hope to eventually branch this blog out with my other interests.  


Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoy my blog!


                                                                Sal  x